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A surface style you're sure to love and fit with your needs

Our countertop vendors offer endless selections and styles  to achieve your desired look

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Countertop Vendors



Natural Granite

Sensa by Cosentino is a pre-treated granite manufactured with the sealant within the material itself, this allows peace of mind for clients not to reseal their natural stone countertops. 

Center Point

Butcher Block Countertop

Highlight the natural beauty of real wood countertops for your home. Available in your choice of two wood offerings—Hevea and Acacia.

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Your dream countertops can become your reality..

We work with Moderno Porcelain Works to provide our clients with optimum service at a swift speed to achieve your dream results.

 Seamless templating and installation is their goal, for a gorgeous finished application you will love.

Porcelain is incredibly versatile and can be used in endless formats such as flooring, vertical surface cladding, fireplace surrounds and of course, stunning  countertops. 

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